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Mobile Web Popularity

The population of mobile web users that search and buy services and products from their mobile phones is growing fast. This means that an increasing number of your potential clients are using their mobiles devices to find local businesses and service providers like yourself.

In order for a site to work well on a wireless handset, it must comply with website accessibility design guidelines, as set out by the W3C standards. Mobile browsers will display any site, but the users often prefer to use the sites specifically optimized for their mobile devices. Mobile screens offer very limited amount of space, which forces users to scroll horizontally and they consider it a major inconvenience.

Below is the example of now the mobile device screen displays mobile (left) and regular (right) versions of our site.


What You Need to Know

Commonly, users believe that a mobile website will be a miniature version of their main website. That's not the case. A mobile site needs to be designed following very strict guidelines, otherwise it will not work right on the mobile web. For example, your beautiful Flash website will not work on most devices. A website designed using table layout instead of CSS (cascading style sheets) will not render correctly. If you decide to hire us as your mobile website builder, we will make sure your website looks good and works right, but it may not look exactly like your main site.

Content. The maximum total page size recommended for a mobile browser is 20 KB, which is not a lot. That means you should keep a content per page to a minimum. If possible, shorten your content so the mobile site displays only what is necessary. If you have some content-heavy pages they may need to be broken into multiple ones. The most important information of your site must be right at the top of the page.

Images. Nearly all current mobile devices display images, but users turn them off for faster browsing, so Alt tag should be used for every image. Use images as little as possible, only where it's relevant.

Domain name. There's no need to purchase a separate domain for your mobile website. However, if you would like to get one, see if .mobi is available. Big guys like Google, Yahoo, Twitter and CNN are all using the most popular mobile subdomain - m.example.com. Some even spell it out like mobile.example.com. Based on our research m.example.com is the most guessed by the users and the most used by the providers.

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